The Hellion & Electric Eye

The first two tracks from the massive album, Screaming for Vengeance released in June 1982.

The Hellion (the first track on the album) is a slow, heavy Introduction to the album. The drum part is simple and locks in powerfully with the twin guitar assault of KK Downing and Glenn Tipton. Finishing with a Crash and Gong, the piece goes straight into the next track, Electric Eye.

By contrast, the Electric Eye, is much faster than the Hellion at 196 bpm. Interestingly, this track contains overdubbed toms throughout the majority of it. For simplicity, I have elected not to chart this out but focus on the main kit part. The main parts of the song is simple once a few simple patterns have been learnt. A key feature of these patterns are off beat crashes. Take your time and work on these patterns slowly until they are accurate and easily played.

Enjoy this chart and a slice of New Wave of British Heavy Metal from the ’80’s.

The Hellion/Electric Eye