My Hero – Foo Fighters

How about a great song that has not one, but TWO drum tracks on it?

Yep, thats what this song has here! Thankfully the drum parts are well split. In order to play the first drum kit part, you’ll need to be able to play sixteenth notes on the kick at 77bpm. Thats the most difficult part! You’ll need to make sure you spend a good amount of time at your kit making sure your bass drum can comfortably play 16th notes a consistent velocity.

The second part features a LOT of flams! so dust of your rudiments and make sure you can cleanly play 16th note flams at 77bpm.

Other than this little tricky things, you’ll love jamming with this track!

My Hero – Foo Fighters Drums 1

My Hero – Foo Fighters Drums 2