Anybody Listening? – Queensryche

Ballads should be simple to play right? Unless you’re a member of Queensryche that is!

A typical Scott Rockenfield Drum part, Anybody Listening? develops throughout as the song builds and builds. Opening with a split ride/hi-hat pattern (one of Rockenfileds signatures), which then turns into a solid groove. Watch out for the stopped crash in bar 80 (signified by a dot over the note), it can catch you unawares!

The latter part of the guitar solo should be approached carefully, many of the fills are syncopated and contain ghost notes! Approach them carefully and slowly and work with a metronome to help you get them up to the correct speed. Likewise, the final Chorus should also be worked through carefully and slowly.

Ultimately, it’s a challenging part but with a real great feeling when you nail it!

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