Empire – Queensryche

For me, Scott Rockenfield had the coolest looking kit in rock by miles. All the chains made it look amazingly cool, and the fact that he is an amazing drummer just helped it all the more!

This chart is from the album of the same name, Empire. For me, it is one of those albums that has stayed with me throughout the years and I keep returning to it and finding another layer that I didn’t appreciate before. Little things like odd number of bars in a verse, an unexpected time signature, a way of playing “odd time” that makes it sound simple and grooving…….

Take a couple of listens to the track whilst reading through the chart and you will see what I mean. There is no wasted drum or cymbal. Each hit is used to further the song and draw attention to it and not the drummer.

Enjoy this chart, and check the album out!


Queensrÿche -Empire.pdf