I’m Eighteen – Alice Cooper

Father of Shock Rock, King of the On Stage Fright, Darling of the Rock World for 40+ Years, and all round good guy, Alice Cooper!

Released in 1970, it recounts the woe of someone being both adult and youth all at the same time, punctured by the lumbering guitars of  Buxton and Bruce. The drums drive the song, using crashes to punctuate the word “Eighteen” in the chorus.

The only slight surprise are the 32nd notes in the lead into Verse 2. Some will prefer to play them in the form of a Drag (LLR) whilst others will prefer the single stroke option. Whichever you decide, make sure the timing is accurate.

Enjoy this slice of Uncle Alice, and remember…..He might already be following YOU!

Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen.pdf