Lavender – Marillion

For my next transcription I’ve chosen another track from my childhood, Lavender by Marillion.

Although it stayed in the charts for nine weeks, Marillion still are best known in the UK for the song Kayleigh which was the single before this one.

The main groove through the song is based on sixteenth notes played on the Ride with the fills being predominately on the two rack toms. Some might find the fills using 32nd notes worrying at first.  The easiest way to feel these fills is to keep the sixteenth notes constant with your right hand throughout the fills and the left hand can then follow in the same way it does in a single stroke roll.

The trickiest parts of this chart are the triplets in bars 24, 44, & 52. As long as these are started with the RIGHT hand (if you’re right handed that is!) and you follow the RLR for the snare/tom patterns the triplet can be done fairly easily. Please do bear in mind though that the kick note needs to land on the “&” of the beat.

Enjoy playing this and share the love!

Marillion – Lavender (Single Edit).pdf