Lifting Shadows Off A Dream – Dream Theater

Landing at track 9 on the Awake album, Lifting Shadows off a Dream is one of the more chilled out and least “prog” songs on the whole album. This doesn’t mean to say that it’s a walk in the park though! However, whilst it able shows off Mike Portnoy’s wonderful Sabian cymbal set up, it also is a busy drum part that works perfectly for the song without overstepping its boundaries.

Please do check the key VERY carefully for this song! There are many different drums/cymbals/tambourines needed for this track and remembering where they’re all written is going to take a little time!

Look out too for the Herta fill at bar 118 as this might trip some people up. Also worth a mention is bar 134 which has some excellent triplets in that might trip the unprepared up!

As long as you take your time, and work through the part slowly and carefully, you will find this a real Joy to play!

Enjoy and let me know how you get on!!!!

Dream Theater – Lifting Shadows Off a Dream.pd