Second Chance – Shinedown

Alt rockers Shinedown burst into many peoples consciousness in 2008 with this track. Telling a story about the need to go for your dreams, the video features a young dancer practising throughout, eventually leaving home to pursue the dream of becoming a professional dancer.

As far as the grooves go, you will need to have a good command of ghost notes within grooves throughout the verses in order to carry the groove along. Essentially, there are two main grooves for the verses with one ending with a buzzes ghost note and the other opening the hi-hat on the final eighth note. Choruses are played on the crashes, with similar kick/snare patterns from the verses. Watch out for the double crashing on some of the beat 1’s! The break in between the chorus and verse 2, the whole band stop for five beats with the snare drum and open hi-hat leading into verse 2.

Verse 2 and the second chorus are very similar to the first verse and chorus, but after the chorus we then see a Bridge. Although the grooves are very simple, to get the right sound/feel you will need to pay attention to the double crashes to ensure they are played accurately. After this, the band breaks again for nearly a whole bar!

HUGE DRUM SOUND NEEDED!!! Yep, for this drum solo, you need a huge sound! But most importantly, you’ll need to count accurately! To early or late will ruin it for when the band kick back in…….. And no one wants to be the cause of that do they?

A final chorus end the song and it would be fair to say that this is another track that is massively popular thanks in no small part to the drummers contribution!


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