Silent Lucidity – Queensryche

In the UK, this was the highest charting single from the “Empire” album reaching number 18, whilst in the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart out reached number 1. and was even ranked at #21 in VH1’s list of Greatest Power Ballads.

Despite the song starting in 4/4 & 7/8, by the time the drums come in at bar 42, the song has settled into into a predominantly 4/4 groove. Although the tempo of this piece seems fast to look at, its very speed is the thing that makes it easier to play. As is usual with Rockenfields drum parts, this one develops through the course of the song, even throwing in some very tasteful Concert Tom/Octoban work in the third verse.

Take your time with this part and you’ll be pleasantly rewarded!

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Queensrÿche -Silent Lucidity .pdf