Space Dye Vest – Dream Theater

Back in 1994,  Dream Theater were releasing their second album entitled “Awake”, the final track of which is found here.

Written entirely by the keys player, Kevin Moore, the song is very different from the rest of the album and is a fitting goodbye from Moore to the rest of the band. It was not even played live by Dream Theater until 2014 as they were uncomfortable playing it live without Moore playing.

The song takes a while to get going as far as the drum go, and is without many of the usual Portnoy theatrics until the fills at the very end of the chart (bars 164 – 166).

Similarly to “Closer to the Heart”, you’ll need lots of Tom-Toms for this track,  and so I can highly recommend spending out on buying more……. after all, you deserve to right?

Dream Theater – Space Dye Vest.pdf