Take It on The Run – REO Speedwagon

A 1981 Top 20 hit for REO Speedwagon, Take It On The Run is a fine example of a more Pop Rock approach that led into the mighty Power Ballads of the 80’s.

Although the chart itself presents few surprises, it will take some work to make the slow speed of 77bpm feel like its not grinding to a halt. From the first Guitar Solo, the ride pattern changes form eighth notes to sixteenth notes which adds more of a natural movement to the part. It also leaves the way open for some tasteful 32nd note fills leading into the final two choruses.

Lastly, in the final chorus, watch out for the ghost note on the snare backbeat! It can catch you unawares but if played right, adds another layer to the song and it pretty satisfying to play.

Enjoy this slice of Americana!

R.E.O. Speedwagon – Take It on the Run.pdf