The Thin Line – Queensryche

Back to the early 90’s Queensryche album, Empire.

Check the key & the chart carefully and you will see the need for four toms and two of four concert toms….Big kits were the order of the day back in the 80’s and Scott Rockenfield was no exception to this rule. Unusually though, his kit was augmented with Octobans, oh and his cymbals were suspended from chains. Yep, thats right. Chains! It looked so cool!!

The chart is (thakfully) all in 4/4. Some of the hits are a little strange to look at but once you listen to the track and follow the chart through, you’ll see just how excellent the drumming is for this song. Your china cymbal will get a good workout, as will your singles and doubles, but at the heart of this track is an inventiveness much missed by many people. A quick look through the verses and you will see ideas developed as the song develops. You’ll see fills start small and gradually get bigger and more grandiose, all the while staying true to the song and not coming across as the drummer saying “hey guys, look at ME!”.

Take your time with the chart and you will be rewarded with playing an excellent song with some very inventive fills!

Queensrÿche -The Thin Line.pdf