Turn It On Again – Genesis

Turn It On Again was the first single from the album Duke, which was the second Genesis album without Peter Gabriel & Steve Hackett.

The intro (thankfully) is nice and straight forwardly in 4/4 with a cheeky little 2/4 part way through……. until the 3/4 bar leading into the main groove which, although the guitar part is meant to be in 13/4, I’ve split down into two 4/4 bars and one of 5/4…… The second half of the verse is back in 4/4 which gives us time to catch our breath before the bridge which is two bars of 3/4, one bar of 2/4, two bars of 4/4, two bars of 3/4, followed by…… oh heck, just go and read the part!

Seriously though, the whole song is easier than I’ve made it sound……no, really it is! If you listen to the track and follow the part through then you will find that it all makes sense….

Above all, remember that playing this song¬†should be fun! I’ve always found it fun…………

Genesis – Turn It On Again.pdf