What I’ve Done – Linkin Park

Transformers! What a great film! I loved the cartoons as a child and when the film was announced I was so excited! Initially when I discovered Linkin Park were doing the theme song I was not at all sure they would be capable of producing a song that was fitting for the film…… how wrong was I?!

What I’ve Done was a fabulous song that for me was perfect for the film and as a song in its own right.

The drum part, whilst being simple, actually mirrors one of two loops that are playing underneath it. Once you’ve learnt it, playing it on the crash cymbals or as it’s written is straight-forward. The challenge for some will be the change of pace in the middle of the song for the half time feel. To make it easier, this is again a two bar pattern, that ends with a gentle build back into the main pattern.

Enjoy this chart and feel free to share!

Linkin Park – What I’ve Done.pdf