Shout at the devil – Motley Crue

Ah the ’80’s love of Glam Rock! Motley Crue were often in the news for things other than their music in the 80’s, and this track is one reason why! When this was originally released, some American TV Pastors got on their high horse and accused the band of being Devil worshippers. Like most of these accusations, the reports were never substantiated.

Although the song sounds simple, you will need a double bass drum pedal to get the 32nd note triplets in! You’ll also need it for the Outro 16th Note kick parts. Also check out the Ride pattern in the Solo. Take this slowly and make sure you accurately hit the RC Bell on the 1/4 note whilst making sure the following 1/8th note is firmly on the bow of the RC. Lastly, when you play the buzzes, make sure they’re not too loud. Think of them as decorating the note that is following it.

Take your time with this chart, work with a metronome to make sure all of the individual sections groove before putting them all together.

Shout at the Devil – Motley Crue